Angersaurus. Exploring contradiction, incongruity & cognitive dissonance

consociation, environmnt, relationship, ecology Jobsworth, redtape, official, barrier, responsibility
knife blade with lego brick handle, Metmorphosis, knife, toy

Binary, 666 number of the beast Drone, culture bomb.

Atonement, smartphone, worship, sacrifice, crucifix  Bricks for building, Smart phone for communication and social media, both are part of our cultural infrastructure.

Special delivery, Migration, immigration, refugees fleeing violent war and revolution.

Hate,  war, violent conflict and revolution.  Investiture, imprinting war, conflict and revolution

Kerbang, an alternative version of a popular game, violence. Donation, where does your money end up?

Topped, A twist on popular culture. ornament for granny. Liquidate. What a nice ornament

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